My Story: Pharmacist to Freelance

Medical Writer and Business Owner

And everything in between … including family (wife + 4 kids), paying off student loans,

moving cross-country, and building a business

Blogger and Entrepreneur

I started blogging in January 2023, a few months after quitting my full-time job to focus on entrepreneurship, building my own businesses, and spending more time with my family.

Freelance Medical Writer

Using my background and training as a pharmacist, I started my freelance medical writing business in 2019. After 3 years, my freelancing income exceeded my full-time income.


I want to thank you for being here. I spent hours crafting my story and I’m thankful for every person that takes the time to read it. And though it’s not perfect, it’s real and genuine.

I truly believe that the biggest limiting factor to our success in life is our own doubts and fears. In some ways, I’ve faced my fears and replaced my doubt with faith and belief. In many ways, I still have a long way to go.

What I really want to share is my path to full-time self-employed business owner/freelancer. When I was younger, I always thought that it would be easy to just go to work, do your job, and get paid. And in some ways, it is the easy route. But along the way, I realized that’s a limited way to look at your potential and there’s so much you miss out on.

A mentor once told me that you can’t make real money working for someone else. Along my career path, I found this to be true. As a self-employed freelancer and entrepreneur, I’ve had more success than I thought possible.

And it’s not just about the money. Money itself has little real value. It’s what you can do with money that counts. Today I have more lifestyle and time freedom. I choose my own schedule and I make time for my family. I still work hard, and sometimes long hours, but your motivations change when you’re the one in charge.

The great thing is that everyone can do this. I didn’t want to be my own “boss” (and didn’t have the skillset) until I had a vision of what I could accomplish and strong motivation to do it (more time with my family, building a business that is more future-proof).

Then through learning and application, and lots of trial and error I figured out something that works for me. I believe that if you have the desire, motivation, and discipline to build more money and freedom into your life, you can too.

So here’s my story …